How to Unlock Phone from Any Carrier

What is phone unlocking?

Unlocking means that you able to switch to any carriers you want . Cell phone unlocking is the process by which you got free to use any network without changing your phone. You can use any network worldwide. That means an unlocked cell phone is not bounded to one single carrier’s network

What is unlocking code: – Unlock code usually referred to as “Network code key” (NCK) or “Service Provider code key” (SPCK) which are unique for a particular phone on the basis of its IMEI.

Cell Phone Unlocking (SIM lock or network lock)

SIM lock or network lock or carrier lock: – This is a technical restriction created by mobile phone manufacturers into GSM and CDMA cell phones which means you are bounded to use your cell phone on a particular countries and networks.

How to unlock a cell phone

To unlock a cell phone you need to found best unlock code service provider who generate the code securely and deliver this safely unlock ninja you can say is one of the. To get the unlock code you need to ready the following details of your cell phone.

  • Brand Name: – You have to provide the brand name or your cell phone
  • Model Name or No: – You need to give model no
  • Country:-You need to provide the purchase country of your cell phone
  • Network:-You need to provide the network name you are currently locked with.

How to find the locked network: – switch off your phone and change the current SIM to other on-Switch on the phone, if this will ask to enter SIM unlock code or NCK code or SPCK code, then your phone locked with that SIM.

  • IMEI No:- This is the most important part for unlocking, Give your IMEI no

How to find IMEI No

There is several way to find the IMEI no

  • Dial *#06# with the SIM you want to know IMEI OR
  • Remove the battery you see the IMEI no OR
  • Go to Settings > About Device > Status. Just scroll down until you get the IMEI number

Once you collect the above info you need to search the best phone unlock code Provider Company who deliver the service on time and solve your all query. There are several service providers. Many users suggest unlockninja on the basis of code delivery and support service.



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