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Things to Remember in An Online Blind Dating

One of the most common phrases one can hear is ‘the good old days’. The same is applied even to dating also. Earlier, people had to go either to restaurants or bars to meet and look for other prospective matches. With the advent of the technology and specifically the mobile apps, the process of catching

The Most Common Online Dating Myths

Relationships have always been the most complex thing in the human lives. Whether we talk about the times when there are little or no technological advancements or in today’s epoch when we have so many ways to meet and communicate. However, there is one thing that is common in both the times about dating is

How to find meaningful connections through Blind date?

There are plenty of blind dating apps and sites that are available online. Most of them try to differentiate themselves from others by offering one or the other features or services. However, the underline service is to first register users, let them create profiles and help them search the prospective matches through their registered database.

First Blind Date Tips for Men and Women

Now you got a date and both of you have planned to go out and met each other. How are you feeling? Excited!! Your answer is definitely a ‘Yes’. However, you may be feeling a little nervous, tensed and juggling with the ideas about what is going to happen on the actual date. As the

The Pros and cons of Dating a Younger Man

Women, in their thirties something, have already much settled in their careers, are more emotionally matured and well settled in their lives. Most of them were already married. How about, in case if someone is still looking for her partner. At this point of time, one would certainly like to date and get settled in