Things to Remember in An Online Blind Dating

One of the most common phrases one can hear is ‘the good old days’. The same is applied even to dating also. Earlier, people had to go either to restaurants or bars to meet and look for other prospective matches. With the advent of the technology and specifically the mobile apps, the process of catching up another is limited to pockets.

One just needs to take out his or her mobile and start searching for a prospective match. However, there are many things one needs to keep in mind while getting ready and starting his/her journey through an online dating app. There are some initial preparations one has to do get the most out of his/her effort over the dating app.

There are certain things one has to be clear about before leaping or considering to create his/her profile over an online dating app:

–          Why one is there on an online dating app:

One has to be clear about why he/she is trying to search over a number of online blind dating apps and focusing on a chosen few to create his/her profile. Is he/she is looking for a casual partner or for someone for a long term relationship or for looking someone because of being alone? Is he/she is looking for singles or more divorced. Are you looking for someone from a specific ethnicity or are you looking for someone within your immediate vicinity?

The clearer one is the easier for him/her to choose from a list of online dating apps. There are apps that will help one in finding suitable partners. Additionally, one must also be clear whether to opt for just one single online blind dating app or to go for multiple apps. Online blind dating apps like offer services for single, mature, divorcees, a person of multiple communities, race, ethnicity from the US region only.

–          What are the expectations from the blind dating app?

One must also be clear about what he/she is expecting from the online dating app.  Are you expecting a flurry of requests from the prospective matches as soon as you create the profile? Are you approachable to others through the selected online dating app? Are you expecting multiple dates from your online dating app?

Being clear about the performance of the mobile online dating app will help you in keeping things realistic. This will also help you to find out certain things that one has to update or make it correct to improve the chances of getting more blind dates. Moreover, these types of revelations help one in acknowledging the fact that not everything is performance oriented over the blind dating app. Apps or site like always tries to search and offer the best potential matches in the area of their domicile.

–          Homework to do before taking the final leap of making a profile on an app.

There are some preliminary preparations one has to do before taking the final leap of creating the profile over the selected blind dating app. One has to fill the detailed form while creating the profile. Most of the times the form consists on initial information about the person, his/her like and dislikes, questions about his/her physique, personality types, profession, family, marital status, etc. These types of questions assess the overall personality of the person based on the information provided and try to match it with the other profiles.

In these types of profile creation forms, the members are also asked to provide information about the type of prospective partner they would like to date. This gives a near accurate idea about the type of person a member would like to date. In blind dating apps like, it uses a 40-point form so as to generate as accurate information as possible and present the most suitable prospective match.

–          Time spent on the app:

How much time one has spent on an online blind dating app also matters. In case if one imagines that he/she will get the prospective match instantly, chances are that he/she would be disheartened by the response over the blind dating app. Moreover, it’s not just about simply creating a profile and does nothing on it. One has to upload new images or videos of himself/ herself so as to constantly keep the profile in use and live. This is also necessary as there are blind dating apps that let other members know about the last use of the profiles.

Additionally, there are other activities that members can do on their apps such as blind dating, chatting, participate in online dating contests organized by the apps. This increases the chances of getting more number of prospective dates. Apps or blind dating sites such as offers ‘Blind date hour’ where members are actually allowed to blind date with other members without revealing their identities.

–          How fast or slow one is moving from one date to another:

Online dating apps may provide an opportunity to date with multiple prospective partners. However, this necessarily doesn’t mean that one must date multiple people simultaneously. Moreover, giving suitable time for the prospective matches will help one to make-up his/her mind about the future course of action.

Dating apps like certainly provide the service of ‘Blind Date Hour’. However, the identities will only be revealed when one spends an hour’s time with the other members. This actually helps the member to form an impression about the personality of the prospective match and eventually in deciding about the future partner.

–          How one is responding to being rejected:

Getting rejected or not getting the suitable response or not getting the second date is very common in this game of blind dating. There may be many instances where one face rejection or turn-down by the other partner. However, there is no point in feeling embarrassed or going into the depression. The chances of getting rejected will be fulfilled by other prospective matches. The only thing to be considered in such a situation is learning from the mistakes done previously and moves forward.

I hope the above-mentioned points help those who are considering making their profiles on blind dating apps.

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