The Pros and cons of Dating a Younger Man

Women, in their thirties something, have already much settled in their careers, are more emotionally matured and well settled in their lives. Most of them were already married. How about, in case if someone is still looking for her partner.

At this point of time, one would certainly like to date and get settled in their lives. Issues arise when one finds a younger partner or a man younger than her. People may opine about the relationship with a younger date. There is nothing wrong with blind dating a young person. However, this issue of having a relationship with a young man comes with both pros and cons.

There isn’t anything wrong with dating someone younger. As far as a relationship is concerned, it is more about being compatible with each other, rather than the birthdays. In such a case when one is dating a younger person, much depends on age differences and what all life experience both of them brings to the table. Women, being the older in the relationships, have certain advantages and they also have to deal with certain issues. It’s how one handles the situations will come out decides whether this relation is made-in-heaven or not.


–          It’s about you and your choice– As a well-settled woman who already has an established career, life and has her own time-bound duties and obligations, dating a younger man is advantageous. He might be impressed with one’s achievements and look up to her success. This works to her advantage.  However, there are chances of one being opined about the mismatched relationship. One shouldn’t have to reply to such hearsay, however, one has to find a way to deal with such times.

–          The younger date means more physically driven– Women with younger counterparts enjoys more and have fun. This is because younger people are more open-minded, energetic and have more stamina. This actually helps in forging a long-lasting relationship and induces much-needed freshness and creativity. Who doesn’t need to visit a vineyard, or go on a road trip on a bike or paragliding session in the Alps? Everyone likes to have an adventurous and open-minded partner.

–          Younger men normally mean fewer obligations and are less skeptical about relationships– Younger men, usually, are still in their early stages of the career. This means fewer responsibilities at work. This also means that they can spare much-needed time and doesn’t have to think about kids (if one doesn’t have).

Additionally, young men are not cynical about the relationships as they normally are in their first real relationships. He hasn’t dated many women and is not likely skeptical about it.

Most of the matured men are either divorced, have kids or some other personal responsibilities to cater or may not even give much-needed efforts in their relationships. These may not be the case if one has a younger partner.

–          Appreciation and liveliness– As an elder in the relationship, one brings emotional stability, maturity, financial independence and a mature viewpoint. Younger men tend to adore such qualities and feel proud of having a woman with such an exceptional, refined and elegant manners. Also, a young partner comes with his way of thinking and a bit open carefree attitude. Her maturity and his free & open-mindedness balance the dynamics of the relation.


–          Lifestyle variations– There can be lifestyle differences as he may be 5 years younger than you. Younger men tend to hang-out with their peers, likes to go out more, parties more, which you being an elder may not like. His carefree attitude, which you adore, may not always be perceived correctly. One may like his adventurous streak, but at the same time, one also likes him to be at home sharing household chores.

–          Fearing commitment – For a lot of young men, marriage means losing independence. This may the case with one’s partner too. One may be ready to start her life with his younger date. However, this may not be the case with him as either he may not be ready to take such kind of responsibilities or all this may be emotionally overwhelming for him.

–          Complexion – Being an elder means you may be more well-settled and successful. While this may not be the case with him. You may have a house of your own, can drive high-end sedans, but all this may make him feel a bit humble and ignoble.

As far as dating with a younger man is concerned, there isn’t any harm in it. Moreover, relationships are more about how well 2 persons understand each other and ignore a few things. Blind dating can surely be one of the ways to find out a younger partner. However, the actual game starts when one handles the relationship dynamics effectively.

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