The Ease of Finding Love at Swipe – The World of Digital Blind Dating

The advancement in the technology has its own advantages, no doubt about it. However, for every type of advantage in the technological advancement, there is a cost in terms of disadvantages too. Technology is creeping into every industry and every vertical. The lengthy processes are getting shorter and more accurate than ever. The possibilities of mistakes or process lapses are minimized to nil.

The same is the case even in dating also. The digital progression has also made its way in the vertical of online blind dating. The technology has made it easy for people to search and pick the best fit prospective partner among the endless list of suitors.

Today, there are thousands of online dating sites that are available in the market, claiming each one is different from the other. Additionally, there are associated mobile apps that are equally brimming.  There are sites or apps that are claiming to be different in terms of nationalities of the members, type of race they belong to, marital status, age, profession, religion, social status, etc. There are also dating sites that are meant for specific communities or professional and exclusive dating boutiques that are offering customized searches for one’s selective choices.

In these types of online dating sites, the most important elements related to human psychology such as love, personal touch, personal communication, commitment, human bonding, etc. are missing.

One of the most popular dating sites is Here, in this blind dating site, the focus is on offering value-oriented dating services to its members. This innovative online dating platform has completely turned the latest swiping-model into more of personality traits and mutual attraction-based site.

Swiping through countless profiles of the prospective partners may result in just flipping the images, thereby just a means to an end. In such a scenario, it can devalue the online dating experience. Mere a cursory look at an image with an introductory information would not be able to provide a clear idea about a suitable partner. Additionally, even if one gets a date, there is no surety about turning it into a relationship. This ultimately led to rejection from one date and finding another one. works totally different from such stereotype and superficial dating sites. This online dating site encourages members to chat, understand each other, communicate, find common interests and spend time so that they can find their suitable partners. It directly navigates the newcomers to their in-depth profile creation interface where they have to provide detailed information about themselves. This is an extremely necessary step that promotes an online dating experience that leads to the core of the existence of any relationship. is a free online dating platform. Therefore, whosoever is above 18 years, single, divorced, young or mature, straight or gay and searching for casual friendship or long-term relationship or even a life partner can sign up. There are many features of this dating platform. The Blinddate Match feature matches members to others without profile pictures. Its comprehensive 41 questions-based profiling lets member outlines members’ temperament, habits, and attitudes. The site uses the response given by the members to find the most suited, compatible and perfect-fit prospective partners.

Additionally, it also offers a service of blind dating where members are allowed to blind date through its ‘Blinddate Hour’ service. In this, members are allowed to chat with others keeping their identities secret. The identities are hidden and the images get blurred during such ‘Blinddate Hour’. Their identities will only be revealed once the members continue to chat for an hour’s time. This enables members to spend time with each other and make an initial impression about the personality of the member they are talking. This helps them in deciding whether they would like to carry on and fix an actual date or not.

The idea behind this is to let members communicate and make an initial impression about them without considering the external looks. The more they chat and communicate, the more they can easily decide about to move forward.

The team of focuses on the quality and value-oriented work by focusing on user experience and security. It really matters in the online dating how is one’s feels over the dating platform and what is the value that the members are going to derive from it. The team works with a mission to improve the user’s dating experience on the platform. Additionally, safety and security, not only of the members but their identities, their personal & financial information are kept under vigil. Any kind of threat to the data is immediately taken care of. is among a few of the online dating sites that have made its mark over the minds of the consumers. Its ever-increasing prominence among the users is definitely giving a direction to a new kind of dating. A dating where members give more importance of communication, where there is a prominence given to a mutual understanding of personality and where the simple human bonding works effectively than the cursory and casual look for a readymade solution.

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