Online Dating Tips For Women

Admit it, online dating is fun, but it can also be overwhelming and hard.
Online dating might just be the best way to meet new people across the world no doubt, but to reach those extraordinary people who you want, you might sometimes need to tread through a pile of desperation.

There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to decrease the amount of people who are not serious towards you and your needs.

I will go through these a little down the road in this article.

Who am I? You might wonder.

My name is Stefanie and I’m part American and part German. Just got to the age of 42 and I’m no longer a single mother.

The last part might sound a little dodgy.

What I mean is that I was a single mother of two, but after a few tries through online dating, I found my soon to be husband.

The marriage is actually planned this July 2017, so you can understand my happiness with all of this.

Both for me and my kids.

But I needed to kiss a few frogs before I found my prince, so to speak.

I’ve been a frequent user of free online dating sites since early 2013, and I have dated around 4 people before I met my current Romeo.

Some were good and some were worse.

You might think that 4 years is a long time to find love through online dating, but I beg to differ.

Love is not something that should be stressed, and I have other things I love in life that is just for me.

I also have two wonderful kids and work that takes up a lot of time, so I was only seeking someone down-to-earth and reliable.

On the road of finding my Romeo, I also got three new girlfriends that I often have coffee with in the weekdays.

Two of them, together with my love, were found through
This is and has been the only free online dating site I have used these last two years.

I used something called Blinddate Match to find my man. He was not the only one I was talking with, but he was the most persistent.

Because we couldn’t see each others profile pictures, we had to rely on talking and information alone.

When you have talked for a while, the profile pictures become clearer, but I met my man before that.

He took me by storm on the first date by taking me to a snake farm.
I have never screamed so much in my life.

Two of the friends I mentioned was found through Blinddate Hour. We seemed to have similar interests and one thing led to another.

Now we drink, share stories and talk about the Mens sizes (just kidding).

But online dating has not always been easy and being a girl makes it even worse in my opinion.

In these 4 years of online dating, I’ve had my fair share of weird and chocking proposals.

This became limited to just a few after I switched to™.

As a woman, you need to be strong and confident in yourself.
Don’t be arrogant, but see yourself as a catch.

You will receive a few messages that are not to your liking, just ignore these and block the users.

Most of the messages will be sincere.

First of all, you should use a great supplier like the one I mentioned above.
This will increase your chances of finding something real, as well as having a great time doing it.™ is the only one I’ve found that have features that really promotes your inner qualities, which should be the foundation of any relationship.

Some of the guys that will write to you might lack creativity.

This doesn’t mean they are not worth to answer, my man was both boring and plain in the beginning.

After eight or so messages, he started to open up and show a lot of humor.
So, give the guys a break.

When you’ve been chatting with a few, it’s time to start thinking about dating.
If they are worth your time and energy, make sure that you follow a few safety precautions.

Have a fully charged phone, tell someone where you will be going and when you will be back, and meet at a social place with people close by. Do not stress anything, and never include any talk of money when chatting or dating.

Take your time, don’t be naïve and enjoy your life.

The right guy is out there for you, you just need to be patient.

If you are a single mother, then you know how stressed the days can become.
Meeting someone spontaneous might be hard.

Online dating is perfect for you since there is a lot of like-minded and understanding people who would love to be dating single moms.

With or without kids of their own.

Don’t ever forget yourself and your needs, and give online dating a chance.
You will not regret it.

Good luck!

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