Important Online Dating Tips for Women

Dating itself is a cumbersome task, whether it’s for men or women. Both of them witness every type of ups and downs in their lives. This is especially true in case of online dating and for women. Whether she is a working woman or not, online dating has always been a tedious task.

With more and more people meeting online, it becomes quintessential for women to understand what works and what not in the realm of online dating. Everyone has her own perceptions, impressions and attitude when it comes to online dating.

With online blind dating sites mushrooming frequently with almost everyone trying to differentiate from the other by offering multiple features, it is imperative for women first to have some insights about blind dating. Here are some blind dating tips for women:

–          Confidence: Most women try to get validation from others. It would be nice in case if someone accepts you and likes you. Women often try to judge themselves from the viewpoint of others in online dating.

My suggestion to all of them is just be confident in who you are. It’s best not to be too submissive and admitting that one is searching for special. It’s not necessary to be accommodating oneself for every whims and fancy of any stranger in online dating. Remember that the way you are evaluating someone is the same way he too is probing the suitability.

–          Be upfront to reject & don’t string along: One can meet him after some initial exchange of messages. In case if one finds a lack of interest in meeting in-person, one must immediately stop the exchange of messages as it is not going to lead anywhere.

Moreover, meeting in person helps in understanding the disposition and temperament. In case if one finds it unsuitable or not matching the expectations, one must tell him upfront about the lack of chemistry or any possibility of one being romantically inclined.

–          Be clear about yourself and your expectations: All the relations work on a simple principle of give and take. The same applies to online dating too. One must be clear about herself, her expectations about the socio-economic status that one is anticipating from the prospective partners.

In case if one is expecting her partner belonging to certain social status or a personality trait of a self-made person but mentions in her profile of lazing around as a hobby, it is not going to lead one anywhere. One has to remember that there are certain things that one has to earn and deserve.

–          Don’t fake in the profile: There is no point in writing any information about the self that is not true. Remember that the way you are searching and making the impressions from the information given in the profiles of the prospective partners is the same way he is searching your profile. Impersonating someone or misleading by providing wrong information will only lead to disaster.

There are certain blind dating websites that allow registrations only after a thorough background check. Additionally, there are sites like that allows registrations for the US and Swedish nationals only. This actually creates a genuity among the users that all the information is authentic. Therefore, it’s best to offer genuine information only.

–          Put time and effort: One has to give both time and efforts to find a suitable, if not perfect, partner. The most common event that happens in online dating is that you may receive 100 or even more messages or likes on your profile or profile photo. However, the same may not be true for men and most of the times the very common complaint is not getting any response from the fair genders.

Here, the suggestion is put efforts in sorting out the profiles of the prospective partners who approached you. Checking out the individual profiles let you have an idea about the type of prospective matches who approached. Try to match the personalities, values, traits, etc. with your expectations.

–          It takes time: As mentioned earlier, this process of finding a suitable partner is a time taking process. One has to be extremely lucky to find the perfect partner at the first meet itself. However, one has to be prepared to have the interesting meetings and interactions with prospective matches.

–          Experiment with different Blind dating sites: There are various types of online dating sites available in the market. Everyone tries to differentiate itself from the others in one or the other way. A few of them offers services for singles or married, young or mature, locals or national, etc. A few of them also caters to specific communities or religions. Services like access to fixed or unlimited profiles, images or multiple images uploading, customized profile write-up services are a few that most companies offer. Sites like also provides anonymous chatting service where one can blind date a person for an hour’s time. The identity of the person is not disclosed for an hour and will be revealed only after it. This lets users find the initial spark necessary to continue further with the prospective match.

–          Be safe: It is always good to keep yourself safe. This is especially true for women and also in case of online dating where one has only limited information about the other prospective matches. It’s best to meet him in a market or piazza or a coffee shop in the main market where one can feel safe. Also, don’t let your address reveal in the first meeting to him.

–          Open and honest attitude: One must be clear about certain things that one can easily let go and what is the other important criterion that one has to abide by. An open attitude and clarity of thoughts will definitely help one in letting go a few small points that will only trouble you.

The only thing that is often suggested is that everything depends on one’s attitude. One attracts the same type of persons that one truly belongs to. Therefore, to get the best of one expectation, be the best.

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