First Blind Date Tips for Men and Women

Now you got a date and both of you have planned to go out and met each other. How are you feeling? Excited!! Your answer is definitely a ‘Yes’. However, you may be feeling a little nervous, tensed and juggling with the ideas about what is going to happen on the actual date.

As the adage goes, being yourself – is going to be the first advice you have already received. It’s also necessary as one can enjoy the way he/she is with the Blind date and it also increases the chances of getting a second date. One doesn’t have to copy any manners of other or look like someone else. What matters the most is one’s nature, behavior, his/her etiquettes, the way of communication, etc.

While most of the people consider the first impression and make an assumption based on it, it becomes important to present the best of you for the first time. There are some necessary dos and don’ts for both men and women to remember for the new dates meeting for the first time:

          Speak Up: Discussing things mutually help build repo for each other. Also, it increases the confidence and removes any kind of hesitation. Additionally, presenting your viewpoints help your date to know about the likes and dislikes. Speaking up beforehand avoids any type of confusion and makes each other comfortable.

–          Punctuality: It’s one of the traits that everyone considers. Reaching late or making silly excuses for being late reduces the chance of getting a second date. Additionally, it gives an impression that you don’t value one’s time and effort. Contrary to this, reaching on time offers an opportunity to explore more about each other and thus help make a decision about the second date.

–          Suitable Attire: Both men and women want to look best for a date. But what should one wear is always a question that bothers. Dress should be decided based on the venue, time of the meeting, occasion, etc. Moreover, it’s the comfort that matters the most. Additionally, women must have to remember not to wear new stilettos or too body-fitted dresses. One has to consider that in case of a dinner/ luncheon date, there are chances that one has to walk and/or eat. Therefore, it’s best to select those dresses with which one is comfortable and looks confident.

–          Not to drink much: No one wants to preach about it, however, it’s one of the most basic things to remember. Knowing one’s limit is the best in case if one is going to drink. Moreover, getting carried by someone whom you barely know isn’t a good idea.

If anyone of the dates is not comfortable with drinking, don’t force the other.

–          Appearance Matters: Up to a certain extent, appearance does matters. However, one shouldn’t have to be over possessive about the looks. Looking good is necessary as it increases the confidence. However, being totally concerned about it and overlooking the important conversation gives a wrong impression.

–          Keep your phone silent: Remember to keep your phone away or in silent mode. It’s considered rude in case if your date is trying to crack a conversation and you staring at your phone and not paying attention to her/him. Overlooking any conversation and giving priority to the phone is considered as rude.

–          Ask questions: A Blind date is meant to know each other. Therefore, it’s suggested to ask questions to each other. One can ask about the hobbies, likes, dislikes, family, profession, life goals, etc. This activity helps in making each other at ease and comfortable. Getting to know each other also helps decide to continue with the date or not.

–          Offer to pay: It’s a courtesy call to offer to foot the bill. It’s recommended to offer to pay the bill. In case if your date persists to pay, just share the bill or at least leave the tip.

–          Don’t pursue: It is recommended not to follow or stalk online your date. One can send a simple message about how nice you felt and be obliged you are for the hospitality. However, it’s not suggested to follow your date online or otherwise.

–          Be optimistic: Being optimistic always helps one. Being confident, clam and with a positive attitude certainly helps one even in disturbing situations. Nothing will bother one in case if one is at peace internally.

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