Dating a Single Parent? Here’s What You Need to Know

No matter how much we want it, sometimes relationships take an abrupt turn and we end up being on our own again.

Sometimes, we might even have children that get affected by the break-up and we now have to go on as a single parent.

At this stage, it is important to not let sorrow, anger or even hatred takes a hold on you and your life.

These things just happen sometimes and there is most likely nothing you could have done to prevent it and at the same time keeping everyone happy, including yourself.

A break-up normally happens because we lose purpose and growth in the relationship, and also because we just weren’t right for each other.

They hurt, we all know that.

However, there is light in the end of the tunnel.

When we are in a relationship, it’s very common to end up with too many routines that are automated.

What I mean is that we just live, but we don’t enjoy life.

Sure, there are happy moments too, but we somehow stop to grow and seek new adventures because it feels so nice and safe back home.

Now when you’re a single parent, you have the best possible situation to channel all those feelings and do everything that you’ve always wanted to.
Even better, you can now do it with your child.

If your child is too young to share your experiences and dreams, then make sure that you take some time off now and then where one part goes to your child and one part goes to yourself.

It’s possible no matter how hectic your life might be, you just have to think outside the box a little.

When the child grows up, you’ll have the best friend you could possibly have.

Another light is new and true love.

I understand that this might be demanding, complicated and hard on you.
However, it’s extremely important that you don’t forget your own needs and urges as a single parent.

Love for your child is one thing, love for a partner is another entirely.
You deserve true love and you shall have it.

If you find someone fantastic, then your child will draw benefit from that as well and grow up even more supported and loved.

Meeting someone spontaneous or through friends is one option you can try out, but you might have a lot of doubt and insecurities in the beginning.

You have most likely been with the same person for years, meeting someone else can not only be scary, it can be risky.

You and your child don’t want to go through the same thing all over again.
Many even forget how to flirt or show interest in someone new, I read a very funny memo a while ago that goes like this:

  • “I talk about wanting a boyfriend, but I don’t even know what i’d do with one. Like, what do they do? Just kiss him and leave him alone in the corner. How often does it eat?”

Does that sound familiar?

If you want an easier and more secure way of finding true love, then I urge you to try out online dating.

It’s important that you don’t choose just any free online dating site, choose one that really promote your inner qualities and have more serious and sincere members.

The one I used before I met my new and current wife was™, that dating site is just the best online dating site for single parents.

First of all, it offers blind dating online.

This means that everyone you meet there are already familiar with and sincere enough to let the inner qualities take the center of the stage.

The thousands of validated singles there have all made sure to create a community with a deeper meaning beyond everything superficial.

In other words, you can be sure that you’ll meet someone who is both great for you and your child.

Using the features will also give you all the information you need before you might meet someone, this way you decrease the risk of getting hurt drastically.

Please check out Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour, I myself met my new wife through the first one.

It was a very exciting and fun new way to meet someone that special.

Even if you don’t hit the jackpot on your first try, you will in worst case scenario gain a great new friend that will enrich your life even further.

Best of luck!

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