Advice for Online Blind Dating

As the title mentions, this will all be about blind dating.

If you have ever tried blind dating in real life, then you know how exciting and rewarding it can become.

However, there is only one free online dating site that I know of that offers the possibility to blind date online for real.

The online blind dating site is™.

Now, I’m a woman in the mid forties, have two gorgeous children as a single mother and work as a secretary.

When I mention blind dating to my friends, I always get two different answers depending on gender and not experience.

The women say that they are worried for their safety and the men say that she might not look or be as she is online.

Both of these statements are correct and I understand that it can create hesitation, but I feel that there are so many ways to avoid the above.

As a single mother and a woman, I need to think about the safety of my children and my own.

The one that will be a part of my family will have to be reliable and loving.
However, I feel that 99% will do their best and I always believe the best in people.

I do not let myself become scared of people who shouldn’t matter, but I do take precautions when I blind date.

First of all, if you blind date online, you will have much better options to control who you are talking to and might meet.

Looks can easily be verified through Skype or any other video-chat option.
Do not take pictures as verification.

Talk for a while and do not stress a meeting.

I understand that you can’t wait too long, then the person might head to someone else.

Though, it’s important that you can trust the one you will meet as much as possible.

If the person sounds pushy, easily annoyed, talk about money, being arrogant or any other bad characteristic features, then block the person and move on.
Do not waste your time.

This includes men and women alike.

Chat with someone who seems genuine and actually care about you and what you think.

Someone you can have an intelligent conversation that leads somewhere.

Blind dating through™ is a much better option if you want security and feel more confident with who you meet.

They have two features that really promote ones’ inner qualities, these are called Blinddate Match and Blinddate Hour.

Both of these features were developed to place your inner qualities in the center of attention as well as providing matches based on who you two truly are on the inside.

In other words, a much deeper level.

These are excellent choices if you want to try blind dating in a secure and fun environment.

For example, Blinddate Match will match you with several members each day based on personal grounds.

The results are based on a personal survey and analytics.

You will then be given a short and sweet presentation of each match on how you match each others personalities, both the good and the bad.

If you like what you see and want to start chatting, your profile pictures will become too blurry to see.

This is to let your personality become the first impression.

The more you two talk to each other, the clearer the pictures will become.

In the end, you will see who you have chatted with and can decide if he or she has become your new close friend or even someone to meet for a date.

Exciting is an understatement.

If you feel like meeting the person, then it’s time for the next steps.

Meet at a social place with people around the first few times, I do not recommend you going straight to each other homes or include alcohol in a party manner.

Let it be real and sweet.

Always have a fully charged mobile phone and tell someone close to you where you are going and when you will be back.

This is just common sense.

Finally, have fun!

Blind dating is for people who search for someone for their inside.

People become even more beautiful when they have a good heart.

Do not see it as a quest, see it as a fun life experience.

Even if the results or the person is not what you hoped for, you will still have grown and gained knowledge.

Hope this was informative!

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