BAJRANGI DHAM reveals facts about Manglik Dosha , Marriage of Manglik , non Manglik

In the recent past, I, says Dr Vinay Bajrangi, had to uncontrollably comment on the dissent made by someone, asking questions such as “What Rahu and Ketu carry?” and “What are the Karmic ways to outdo them?” Contrary to the popular belief about what Mangal carry, being a Mangal is a communal taboo. Most people don’t believe about the potential of astrology, horoscope, or Mangal, but they could be going through a difficult phase, resulting in anxiety and depression. These could be the negative effects of Manglik influence. The individual’s situation is even worse if the so-called Manglik is a female.

A holdup in wedding, ruined married life, non-suitable marriage, one of the couple suddenly losing life and so on are some of the problems people encounter if the horoscopes of both bride and bride groom are read comprehensively and perfect match-making is done. The worst part is Mangal Dosha is being neglected. From tens of thousands of horoscopes analyzed  in my astrological tenure at Bajrangi Dhaam, I’ve realized that most of the people that are suffering from various problems are actually having Manglik Dosha. I was amazed to see that not all the people who proclaimed that they’re Mangliks were not; only 20% were.

BAJRANGI DHAAM explains to the people that a well-versed Hindu astrologer that knows thoroughly the Vedic scriptures, knows that there are ‘n’ number of ways to determine the intensity of the problems this Dosha can cause. More importantly, they focus on the matching of the charts, before the couple and it’s family solemnize the marriage. This way, the negativity of the individual’s chart can be balanced by the positivity of the better half’s chart and the energy flow can be constantly monitored. Thus, before anything else, the Bajrangi Dhaam team checks whether they match or not. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi says, “It is critical to understand that match-making is done not just to know if the Gunas match but to find out much more than that.”

For the most part, the Mangal forces should be checked and counterbalanced. Mangal (Mars) is generally infamous for its vehemence. However, it takes the responsibility of instigating a life. Having said that, it takes the responsibility of ending a life too. Also, the positive energy that planet Mars carries can uplift an individual from shambles to supremacy. On the other hand, the negative energy it carries can bring down an overpowering persona to a bewildered mortal.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi says to everyone coming to Bajrangi Dhaam“for every problem there’s a suitable solution. The more inquisitive you’re the more successful you will be in life.Afterthoroughly comprehending the various details of your horoscope, ‘Karma Korrection’ is done at Bajrangi Dhaam.”

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