Bajrangi Dhaam’s Remedies and Insights on Pitra Dosh and Pitra Dosh Upay

Among Hindus, it is common to come across terms like Pitra Dosh.  The concept is directly related to individual’s birth charts and horoscope. Therefore, it is not rare to find in India many ceremonial practices, rituals and prayers that are performed in the name of Pitra Dosh Upay as a solution to ward off its negative impact on life.

Pitra loka is known to be the residing place of the souls of our ancestors and deceased family members. It is a place where the souls are said have no access to food and hence await the offerings made by their family members as Shraddh or death ceremony.

Pitra Dosh refers to the pending karmic debt that family of a deceased person will have to fulfil in order to prevent misfortune and ill-fate.  Pitra dosh are detected based on the findings from one’s horoscope and birth chart. The position of certain Grahas or planets in the birth chart is said to reveal the possibilities of unfulfilled and unredeemed karmas committed by the ancestors and will have malefic effects on their children’s life.

In the Brahmin community, sons and male heirs are obligated to perform periodic ceremonies after the death a person to free them of their past sins and also feed the souls of the departed in Pitra Loka. The death ceremonies are annually performed to drive the spirits of the departed to their next journey of afterlife. Any default will incite anger of the Pitras also leading to Pitra Dosh.

For individuals that specifically have the problem of Pitra Dosh in the horoscopes, they are prescribed special pujas or worships and charity to avoid facing the wrath of the dissatisfied souls in Pitra Loka. These people encounter various hardships and can also pass on the Pitra Dosh to the next generation if they fail to perform certain rituals or remedies in their life time.

Identifying Pitra Dosh in Horoscopes:

If a person notices any of the common symptoms of Pitra Dosh, it is best advised to consult an experienced astrologer to study the horoscope. Most common way of identifying the problem is by checking the position of the Sun and Jupiter or Guru. If the Sun is facing Rahu and Saturn or Shani, there would be Pitra Dosha.

The Sun represents father and symbolises health, wealth, authority and fame. The Jupiter or guru represents the teacher. Individuals with horoscopes where the Jupiter and Sun are facing malefic Rahu and Shani are likely to cultivate negative thinking, have no respect towards the elders and no regard for teachers and father.

Symptoms of Pitra Dosh:

The common symptoms of Pitra Dosh are untimely and premature death of children, infertility, birth of children with physical and mental disabilities, children suffering from diseases, marital discord, delayed marriage, uncleared debts and financial losses.

A household affected with Pitra Dosh is mostly an unhappy environment with misunderstanding, constant arguments and hatred towards one another.  The native who is affected with Pitra Dosh would also suffer great emotional turmoil and witness fights, separations and disrespect towards the elders.  The trend of a dysfunctional family and unproductive household will continue to the next generations in case the natives ignore and take no measures or remedies for Pitra Dosh or perform Pitra Dosh Upay.

Family that is affected with Pitra Dosh is most likely to dream of their ancestors or deceased family members demanding food and clothing. In certain cases, individuals also complain of dreaming of snakes.

Below are some of Bajrangi Dhaam’s Remedies and Pitra Dosh Upay:

  • Feeding crows and cows: Feeding cows, dogs and crows have been a part of common religious practices and Pitra Dosh Upay. It is believed that these animals carry messages to the souls of our ancestors or fulfil their pending desires to seek blessings.
  • Services and Charitable Work to Elders and Poor: In the spiritual context, feeding the poor and looking after the elders will help attain good karma. By looking after elderly, parents and those in need will help erase bad karma and serve as an effective Pitra Dosh Upay.
  • Engaging in Charitable Deeds to Servants, Women and Outsiders: Pitra Dosh also includes curses or bad karma attained by ill doings and injustice towards servants, women and poor people from past life. Charity is a way of rectifying and repenting for past life sins and seeks blessings of departed souls for better and peaceful life.

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