BAJRANGI DHAAM Enlightens You How The Fulfillment Of Desire Depends On Fate

At times, whatever an individual had wished for, a long time ago, suddenly materializes. More than that, his dream brings about fruits in lesser time than he expected. However, when one has attempted something with confidence, taking calculated risks, it would have failed. Do you blame him?Do you think he hasn’t put best efforts? No, says the divine astrologer Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, from Bajrangi Dhaam, in .“Whether you glorify or blame, that has to be directed towards fate and not him,” he emphasizes.

You shouldn’t vent your anger on God for the sufferings you are going through because he maintains a balance between your fate and will. He has enabled human beings to play with the stars by means of some tools and make things happen according to his wish.This is the first truth people learn as soon as they come to Bajrangi Dhaam.

Bajrangi Dhaam is not only an astrology center but also a spiritual nub.

Saturn might revolve in the 6th orbit around the sun, but it is the magistrate among all planets. It travels over the birth horoscope to present fate. That is to say, whatever a native gets – good or bad – it is because of his karma, amassed over time. No one can take control of it simply by performing some rituals. Jupiter, the guru of all planets, grants all boons and bestows whatever a native desires. Jupiter travels over the natal horoscope and presents the natives with instant picklings, known as free will.

It is important to understand the disparity between fate and freewill that are separated by a delicate layer. Bajrangi Dhaam as an astrological hub lets the natives become conscious of this difference. BAJRANGI DHAAM  also helps the natives understand what to strive for and when. Most blessed people make attempts with hesitation probably because they don’t have a proper guide.Another reason can be because of their hotheadedness.

Although most of us know that the happenings in our life are governed by fate, we try hard to bring them under our control. The consequence is failure and disappointment. The magistrate is stubbornly stationary. Because of our mix-up with this planet, the freebies slip away from our clasp.This is one of the foremost things Dr Bajrangi explains this all to people when they come to Bajrangi Dhaam.

Those who deliberately incite all Gods to ask for solutions to their problems or to have their wishes fulfilled should first understand the art of striking a balance between the two planets – Saturn and Jupiter, representing fate and free will respectively. To know how, come to Bajrangi Dhaam and speak to Panditji. For more information on Dr. Vinay Bajrangi and Bajrangi Dhaam, please visit or call 9278665588 or 9278555588.

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