Online Accounting Software for Travel Agents

Travel and tourism industry is a dynamic one and to excel in this business; it’s important to be quick and fast. Thanks to the advent of modern technology, we now have many software and tools that has fastened the pace of working of travel agents. One of the most tedious tasks that travel agents and travel companies have to face is invoicing and billing. This is something which has to be done on a regular basis, and even slightest of mistake can result in loss of money and damage the rapport of the traveling company. Taking the help of technology can reduce the probability of mistake and also ensures quick output. This need of the hour has led to the surge of many tours and travel accounting software. Many companies are in this business and offer an instant solution. However, one needs to settle with the company which offers the best result and a single platform that can take over the entire take of invoicing and billing.

StoutWeb is a company that has developed software customed as per the requirement of the client. Its online invoicing and billing software for travel agencies have won laurels and lauds. However, you may find many others who may lure you with their promises, but StoutWeb gives you a right solution that will help in co-shouldering the backend task.

Why do you need a tour and travel accounting software?

The backend operations consume time, and sometimes it may take more time, this is an unavoidable circumstance which every travel agents and companies have to face. Having a tour and travel accounting software can help in saving a lot of time, and at the same time, you can concentrate on your key work. Furthermore, the best accounting software has been designed and developed in a manner that it completely takes on the accounting work of the travel agents.

The need for instant invoice generation and payment receipt along with proper tax calculation and sending it across to the customer in a proper format can be a daunting task if done manually. However, if you use an online invoicing and billing software for travel agency can take up this task and do it efficiently. All you need to do is feed the data and rest is taken care of the tour and travel accounting software.

Accounting and taxation are an integral part of the business which must be done right, and we do have much software on the market that can efficiently do this work. However, this software is not customised to work as per travel industry, and thus, there is a need for tour and travel accounting software for travel agencies. This software is developed based on the requirement of the travel agents.

StoutWeb is one of the best accounting software available in the market. It has been developed especially for the travel agents, and it has many features which make it the best help for the travel agents.

What do you need to know about Stoutweb?

Well, if you have been searching for software that can lessen your burden and completely take over the accounting and invoice work, your search comes to an end with StoutWeb by your side. StoutWeb is a customized software developed and designed for the travel agents and DMCs. It comes with all the latest features and benefits which can fasten the work and also reduces the chance of any error. Moreover, the automated system, reduces your task, all you need to do is feed in the data and rest is done by this software.

Key Features of StoutWeb

The StoutWeb is the best solution for handling the accounting and invoicing process of the travel agencies. It also has GST software for travel agents. This software is user-friendly and is a robust software which manages all the accounting and taxation activities.  The best part about the StoutWeb software is that with the minimum input you can get all the desired results, ledger entries for customers and suppliers.

  1. You can access detailed file history with all the accounting implications.
  2. Automated invoicing and billing
  3. Automated results and ledger entries
  4. You can get tax reports monthly or periodically or as desired
  5. You can facilitate bank reconciliation
  6. Sales analysis by travel customers

All-in-all its one of the best accounting software which is available in the market. Being a one-stop solution for the travel agents, you can have a look at this. Stoutweb also provides a demo version so that you can check it and if you find it satisfactory you can sign the contract and make your business process streamlined.

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