Australia and New Zealand mount up to two of the best places in the world situated right next to each other on the world map. Australia with its open spaces, beaches, natural wonders and deserts, whereas New Zealand with its majestic mountains, pasture land spread, pristine lakes and stunning natural beauty. Both places are vast in terms of coverage hence it is essential to plan travel in advance.

Reaching there could however be very expensive and e-visas should be applied on time to avoid any kind delay. Plan out possibilities of flying out of one city into another, giving an example of flying to Auckland out of Perth. Irrespective of you moving from the west to east or east to west, it is advised to stop off with individually booked one-way tickets to make sure it’s all covered.

Ideal Trip

An ideal trip is made when one blocks direct flights in order to save time and maximize the pleasure of the trip. In case, you choose to take the East to West route :

  • Start from Auckland
  • Reach Queenstown via flight and enjoy the buzzing South Island
  • Then head to Melbourne to indulge in shopping and some great food
  • Reach Sydney from Melbourne in just an hour
  • From here, you have the options of heading out to Adelaide, Perth or Brisbane
  • Fly out to home from this last stop

This plan could also be implemented in reverse, however, a very important thing to remember is that the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere are the opposite in Australia and New Zealand.



World Wine

Depending on your choice of drink, you could either head towards Perth in Western Australia, which is known for its Cabernet Sauvignon from the Margaret River or towards Adelaide, that offers some of the world’s juiciest Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, from the McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley regions. In case you would want to try some tropical Sauvignon Blanc or ripe Pinot Noir, New Zealand is the place for it.

Laid Back Beaches

New Zealand and Australia will make you spoilt for choices when it comes to witnessing the best beach beauty. Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne offer some popular beaches, but it’s Queensland which has the most stunning views on offer. The North Island of New Zealand is filled with picture-perfect beaches.

How much time is right?

It would be important to plan out your travel in a way that you are able to save time and put that saved time in acquiring a life-long experience. Say, for example, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney can be covered in a period of two days, whereas for Queenstown, you at least require to spend four nights there.

Money, Money!

Australia and New Zealand both have high minimum wage standards, thereby contributing to a high quality of life. Therefore, it is important to note that the prices cannot be bargained here.

Must Take!

The list of must-have while visiting Australia :

  • Carry an adaptor for charging
  • Watch the television only if you are a football, rugby or a cricket lover
  • Carry a higher SPF of sunscreen and you can burn in the scorching sun
  • Mass transit, especially in Sydney and Melbourne is excellent
  • Uber is operational in most places

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