Be a part of AUA 2020 that is organized by the American Urological Association from 15th May to 18th May 2020 in Washington DC, USA. This is the greatest opportunity to meet the 11,000 delegates from all over the world who are going to be there as the participants of AUA 2020 Washington DC. The venue for this AUA 2020 Meet is Walter E. Washington Convention Center where all the medical and urology experts will meet. This is one of the leading community for the urologist that promotes the along with learning among the world’s diverse urologic communities.

As with each of the previous meetings, AUA 2020 Annual meet will put together urology practitioners from over 120 countries around the globe. A Virtual Meeting may take place for those who are unable to attend the meeting and later want to have access to the program. The conference offers a forum that brings together experts from all over the world and provides them with the opportunity to build lasting business relationship.

The research workshops and plenary session will feature programs on subjects such as Urology Controversies, Confederación Americana de Urología, or the Surgical Techniques CAU program and videos. There will be awareness, research, and health care policy development that can help participants develop future medical advancement. The annual meeting of AUA 2020 WASHINGTON D.C will be the great platform for the participants where they can be part of any program scheduled on the dates.

The American Urological Association

Before you book your hotel for AUA 2020, better understand what this annual meet brings for the worldwide delegates and the new members attending the meet this year. The American Urological Association was established in 1902 and now has more than 22,000 members worldwide as the leading urology organization. In areas like Baltimore and Maryland, the AUA has its office where the team members world collaborating with the experts across the globe. The AUA 2020 WASHINGTON D.C. is truly an international meeting for urological training, with half of all AUA abstracts being submitted by researchers outside North America. The organization is organizing the annual meeting where urologists and urological health care professionals from around the globe come together.

The AUA encourages dialogue and learning among the world’s diverse urological cultures through its outstanding educational offerings and offers a platform for communicating with colleagues from around the world and the opportunity to build lasting friendships.

It will be a platform for world-leading residents and medical students of Urology, urologists, researchers, physicist assistants, osteopathy doctors and doctors of family practice, etc. Health professionals from over 120 countries around the globe will be present. AUA 2020 Annual meet brings together urologists for scientific sessions to cover Urology topics and promote the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, research and health care policy formulation. The latest science is presented in a variety of formats including, among others, plenary sessions, hands-on courses, guest lectures, foreign language programs and live sessions.

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