Is Love Possible Through Online Dating?

Just reading the title would make most answer “Yes”, but the answer has most often come from common sense rather than experience.

Isn’t it weird that we have so much statistics in America that online dating works, but still have so many singles that don’t know if they can agree or disagree with those numbers?

The fact is, America has a huge population of singles, more than 50% to be more exact.

Why is that?

Well, there are many different factors as to why there are so many singles left in America.

Even with thousands of dating seminars, dating sites, pick-up artists, blind dating nights, social gatherings, dating events and much more, the number of singles in America is still as high as ever.

The most common reasons as to why this is happening are these:

  • Being too picky, shallow or too self-loving.
  • Occupied with kids, work, studies, distances, goals and dreams.
  • Too scared, worried, lost or confused.
  • Lack of knowledge on how to communicate and express yourself.
  • Too desperate and putting your happiness in someone else’s hands.

There are many more reasons, but these are the ones that I come across the most in America.

Many of these above are positive as well, e.g. chasing careers, dreams and goals.
Another positive reason can be a single mother who only wants the best for herself and her kids and don’t settle for anything less.

Being single, strong and independent is not a bad thing at all.

Having things that make you single against your will for personal or social reasons are worse.

Unfortunately, most singles have one or many of these factors put together.
It can for example be that one is single, work two jobs, have children, bad breakup in the past and long distances to the city.

These are not exactly optimal situations if you are looking or true love in America.
Another bad habit is that many are too scared, comfortable, arrogant, naïve, confused or lost in how to change their life and situation.

It’s much easier to do what you have always done and failure is a no go.
This does not only affect your love life, but your entire life and what you can gain from it.

True love is possible through online dating, but you need to figure yourself out and be honest as to why you haven’t found what you are looking for or have the life you always wanted.

It can seem as there is no way out, but there is no matter what has happened or is happening in your life.

You also need to understand that communicating online on a dating site is not the same as communicating in real.

You do not have the luxury of using body language, tones or expressions to show what you want, think and feel.

However, you get a lot of other perks for it when you try online dating out.

Give it time, it will come to you faster than you think, but you need a little persistence and patients when you use a top dating site in America.

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If you put all these elements together, then you can be sure that each and every member has put in effort to make this community safe, secure, fun and most of all – genuine.

Either way, focus on yourself and strive to grow to be the best possible version of yourself every day.

True love will come knocking at your door when you have everything else on track in your life personally.

I urge you to read the book “Law of Attraction”, there is much more to it than just plain positivity.

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