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Finding and choosing a suitable life partner is one of the trickiest issues of one life. I have a similar experience. Hi, I am June, a freelance journalist with a daily news channel. I had dated a guy with whom I met through an online dating site.

Being a journalist, one of the most common things associated with my profession is to meet new people and visit new places. I met so many people on a daily basis. It’s really hard to believe someone for the first time. And this is also obvious as it’s my profession to search and get what is right and true.

I started dating online when one of my friends, Angela, invited me to her marriage and I got to know that she meets her partner through an online dating site. Angela told me that she met her groom through an online dating site and it’s after almost after 1.5 years blind date, they decided to get married.

I also tried my luck through the same dating site. I was initially apprehensive. The blind dating site required me to fill a few of the things about me and my expectations. Within a few days, I found a couple of people who had shown their interest. I meet a guy after 5 months of chatting anonymously. Initially, it was fine. However, when I started meeting in person and I asked a couple of things about his job and family, he mumbled and avoided certain questions. Its then I enquired about him and found that he had faked many things about himself. After that incident, I just lost my faith. I felt cheated and just walked away from all of it.

However, after 6 months I got a chance to cover a story on the sustainable relationship for a magazine. I had to interview a few couples who met online through the online dating sites. I found at least 5 couple from a city mentioned that they met through

So, I tried to find more about this online dating site. One thing I would like to tell you is that is one of the finest online blind dating sites that I checked so far. One can sign-up for free and after asking about the initial information about whom one is searching and the age group, this dating site thoroughly asks for various attributes about himself/herself.

I need to fill information regarding my age, who I am searching, my area of residence and how far can my date be from my location. I also have to provide information about height, language, religious intent, the drinks I prefer and how often, my body type, education, occupation, liking for kids, my current financial status and whether I am married or single.

There is many more information that I was required to fill to create a fully functional profile. I also had to provide information about who I search for like his body type, height, education and all the other information that I previously filled for myself. I was also required to give info about how I look like and how important for me is the attractiveness of my match. I also gave info about my hobbies for music, movies, TV, reading, parties, traveling, shopping, etc. Lastly, I had to fill info about my character traits.

After filling all these information, I was quite sure about one thing that this is for only those who are serious about online dating. And one more thing about it which I find quite unique that their team constantly keeps on checking individual profiles. If found any kind of anomaly in the whole profile, the team automatically terminates the profile.

This is meant to enlist only serious and authentic people on their dating site. This blind dating site also requires me to give my contact number and my facebook profile ID. It is also very useful to check someone’s profile through such external social media profiles which automatically increases the authenticity.

Another unique feature of this online dating site is that it daily offers an hour’s time to its registered users as ‘Blinddate Hour’ to chat anonymously. The users profile pictures get blurred during this hour and it’s they get to see each other only after an hour’s anonymous chat.

My personal advice for all those who are searching websites for online blind date is to check this This is one of the most trusted and authentic online dating site that I found. I found a couple of interesting and genuine profiles and now I have been dating with one of the guys for the last 3 months. I found him to be quite real and every information which was displayed in his profile was genuine. I also found that there is a dedicated app of which is compatible on both iOS and Android versions. I searched about its app on Google Play Store. There are various dating apps on Google Play when I was trying to search about it by writing ‘Blind date app’ in the search bar. However, I found its app when I matched its logo that was on its website. Its app is very simple and easy to use. One can easily search profiles, connect with one’s online dating partner at any time.

I would like you to test and share your views about this blind dating site. I know, you all might be bit concerned about its utility. But, believe me, as far as its genuity is concerned, it is one of the perfect place for online dating.

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