EBCC 2020 – European Breast Cancer Conference

It is the European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists and the EORTC Breast Cancer Group (BCG) who are presenting the EBCC 2020 Annual meet to generate awareness in Medical and Oncology by discussing over Medical, Health, Breast Cancer, Cancer and Oncology matters.

The key dates for the event are 18th to 20th March 2020 where the worldwide delegates will meet generate awareness in Medical and Oncology. The venue for the meet is Centre de Convencions International de Barcelona, Spain inviting more than 8,000+ Worldwide Participants. Talking about the aim and principal of this annual meet, this event is to generate awareness and support European multidisciplinary platform where all the scientific exchanges can be established. This will directly influence the aspects of breast cancer-promoting the treatment and social awareness on same for EBCC 2020 Spain.

There will be scientists, clinicians, patient representatives and health professionals of diverse profiles. The expertise will tackle key issues facing patients throughout the continuum of the breast cancer journey. This great gathering welcomes the physicians, scientists and patients to promote the advancement of clinical research and practice right method for prevention and cure.

With speakers across the globe, there will be debate and discussion that will showcase and exhibit the practice that could bring the change, making this EBCC 2020 another success. As this meet is expecting the delegates over thousands, the congress has always created a dynamic multidisciplinary atmosphere offering the ideal environment for participants. This aids in maximizing expertise, promote education and build awareness of breast cancer.

The EBCC 2020 Barcelona aims to put the patient at the centre of all our activities and discussions and further the role of multidisciplinary oncology in breast cancer by promoting involvement and engagement among all oncology professions.

EORTC Breast Cancer Group (BCG)and the European Society of Breast Cancer for EBCC 2020

Before Hotel Reservations for EBCC 2020, it is important to understand the role of two essential parts of this EBCC congress. The European Society of Breast Cancer EUSOMA was founded back in 1986 as a non-profit organization. The organization has been dedicated to breast disease diagnosis and care, particularly breast cancer. The organization is encouraging scientific research and working in improving the connections between scientists and healthcare professionals.

Talking about the EORTC Breast Cancer Group (BCG), it is a collaborative group aimed at questioning, redefining and improving treatment practices in all contentious aspects of breast cancer diagnosis and therapy, including rare conditions such as breast cancer in men. The group studies long-term results and monitors all patients before they die.

Together these two organization for EBCC 2020 Annual meet have strengthened and harmonize the level of patient care across the globe and are working for= identifying and encouraging the most suitable diagnostic and treatment procedures, offering high-quality specialist breast service to all women, setting standards for breast care.

EBCC 2020

Coming to the point why should one attend the annual meet, here are certain facts that can help you in generalizing the theory.

  • There will be a new and exciting science program that will by mapping the journey through breast cancer.
  • There will be a special meeting of multidisciplinary breast teams driving the research.
  • the rapid transformation of clinical research into practise forward
  • Special driving patient advocacy programs on the agenda to help the attendees or the patients.
  • a set of New data changing practice will get global visibility

This EBCC 2020 meet welcomes the exhibitors to present their innovation to the world. Take this as an opportunity to collaborate from side to side as numerous scheduled and impromptu networking events that will help you build new discoveries and strengthen existing ones. The annual congress is a joint effort to enhance and built up the skills, promote practical and theoretical knowledge of attendees by enriching them with the latest and the most advanced discoveries and developments.

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